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Caltex Havoline Multi-Vehicle ATF (5L) | DEX 3 ATF

Caltex Havoline Multi-Vehicle ATF (5L) | DEX 3 ATF

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Multipurpose Automatic Transmission Fluid


High performance, multipurpose automatic transmission fluid (ATF) formulated in hydrocracked base oils which provide outstanding oxidation resistance and anti-shudder durability protection. Specially formulated to meet the fluid needs of a broad range of light duty and heavy duty automatic transmissions fitted with or without torque converter lock-up clutch.


Havoline® Multi-Vehicle ATF is recommended for applications that call for the former DEXRON®-III and Allison C-4 fluids,1 and it meets MAN, Mercedes Benz, Voith, Volvo and ZF requirements. It may also be used in MERCON® and MERCON® V applications.

Havoline® Multi-Vehicle ATF has passed the JASO 1A standard tests for performance in Japanese vehicles. The product will deliver the shifting performance and exceptional anti-shudder durability which is desired by Japanese and Korean automakers for passenger cars, SUVs, vans and pick-up/light trucks.

In addition to the performance standards listed below, Havoline® Multi-Vehicle ATF
may be used as replacement in out-of-warranty vehicles for the following fluids:

  • Apolloil ATF Red-1K
  • Esso Type LT 71141 ATF
  • Idemitsu K17
  • Shell ATF 3403-M115, M-1375.4, LA2634
  • Texaco ATF N402, ETL-7045E, ETL-8072
  • Always check your owner’s manual to determine the proper automatic transmission fluid for your vehicle.

Havoline® Multi-Vehicle ATF is not suitable for a limited number of ATF applications (these transmission types require special fluids), such as:

  • Not for use in Ford transmissions manufactured before 1977 and some pre-1982 transmissions that require M2C33 Type F or Type G fluids (no friction modifier).
  • Not for use in vehicles with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).
  • Not for applications requiring, JASO M315 Type 1-A LV, Toyota Type WS, Honda DW-1, Hyundai ATF SP IV, Nissan Matic S, DEXRON®-VI and Ford MERCON® LV and SP. Instead, use Havoline® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Multi-Vehicle DEXRON®-VI.


Controlled inventory cost

  • One ATF can be used for most pre-2006 automatic transmission design, and helps eliminate the need for supplemental additives or top treats which may harm the transmission.

Maximizes equipment life

  • Advanced formula protects against gear, bearing and clutch wear, corrosion, and the formation of lacquers, sludge, or other harmful deposits, and foam. Low temperature fluidity and rapid circulation in cold weather start-up contributes to reliable system wear protection.

Long oil life

  • Premium hydrocracked base oils and extra oxidation inhibitors provide exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance resulting in maximum service life. Stable viscosity index improvers provide enhanced protection against viscosity breakdown at high temperatures.

Smooth operation

  • Carefully chosen friction modifiers allow for smooth shifting, efficient power transfer, and anti-shudder protection.