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Caltex Texclad 2 (15.9kg) | Heavy Duty Grease with Solids

Caltex Texclad 2 (15.9kg) | Heavy Duty Grease with Solids

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Proven performance calcium grease


Texclad 2 is a proven performance water stabilised calcium grease. It contains solid graphite and molybdenum disulfide additives which promote reliable wear protection in heavy duty operations. It is blackish in colour and has a smooth, buttery texture.


Texclad 2 is generally recommended for use on fifth wheels, open gears of construction machinery, ball mill gears and large enclosed spur gears where oil leakage is a problem.

Other specific applications are:

  • Forklift truck rails and drive wheel gears
  • Slipper drives in steel mills
  • Jacking legs on offshore drilling rigs
  • Cutting heads and buckets in dredging
  • Travelling water screens
  • Exposed gears in construction, mining and industrial equipment
  • Dipper sticks on excavating shovels
  • Automotive fifth wheels (tractor-trailer turntables)
  • Steel girth gears (girth tires) on rotary kilns and crushing mills
  • Sugar mill plain bearings, where fluid lubricants show a tendency to leak
  • Marine wire ropes

Texclad 2 can also be used at higher temperatures than +60°C in special cases, where the carrier grease is thermally decomposed leaving solid mineral additives to afford lubrication. In this case, approximately 22% graphite and 3% MoS2 will remain.


  • Robust, durable oil film and solid lubricants promote protection under heavy duty and extreme load carrying conditions
  • Offers reliable adhesion in open gears and protects at temperatures down to 0°C, offering resistance to flaking and lumping
  • Tough, durable film aids wear and water washout protection
  • Bitumen-free formulation helps protect the environment


  • DIN 51 502
  • ISO 6743-09