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Engen Gengear (20L) | Industrial Gear oil

Engen Gengear (20L) | Industrial Gear oil

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Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Lubricants


A range of heavy duty industrial gear lubricants made from high quality paraffinic mineral oils, incorporating unleaded additives to provide extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics, rust and corrosion protection, enhanced oxidation stability and resistance to foaming. These oils have friction modifying characteristics that reduce power consumption and lower bulk oil temperatures. They have Timken OK Load ratings of 27 kilograms.


Gengear oils are recommended for industrial enclosed gear sets with circulation or splash lubrication systems operating at no more than 110 °C bulk oil temperature. For worm gears operating at bulk temperatures above 95 °C, Gengear SPL PG-Series is recommended. Non-gear applications for Gengear oils include shaft couplings, screws and heavily loaded bearings operating at slow speeds. See also Gengear XEP Series.


  • Outstanding antiwear properties.
  • Good oxidation stability.
  • Good rust and corrosion protection.
  • Good demulsibility.
  • Excellent anti-foam characteristics.
  • Good filterability