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Engen Genheat 22 (20L) | Heat Transfer Oil

Engen Genheat 22 (20L) | Heat Transfer Oil

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General Purpose Heat Transfer Oils


Genheat 22 and 32 are straight mineral oils used for process, lubrication, heat transfer and quenching type applications. They are high viscosity index paraffinic base oils with good chemical stability, natural oxidation resistance at high operating temperatures and a low pour point which makes them suitable for outdoor and low temperature uses. Genheat 22 and 32 have good pumpability at start-up as well as high specific heat and thermal conductivity at all temperatures.


Genheat 22 and 32 oils are recommended for use as general purpose lubricants in equipment operating under lightly loaded or wasteful conditions, e.g. as a flushing oil for cleaning out circulation systems and oil reservoirs during oil change-over procedures. Typical applications include conveyors, chains, and outdoor machinery. Genheat 22 and 32 oils are used as heat exchanger medium in closed systems operating at temperatures up to 300 °C. Heat sources should apply heat gradually while oil is circulating to avoid local overheating, oil cracking and coking of the heater elements. Genheat 22 and 32 are especially suitable for quenching of large numbers of smaller steel parts in a given time. They provide a slow to moderate quenching rate, which results in sufficient hardness without the danger of cracking the material.


  • Straight mineral composition.
  • Low lubricant cost in wasteful conditions.
  • Good oxidation resistance and chemical stability.