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PSD 1000 Citrus Solvent Degreaser


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Heavy Duty Solvent Based Degreaser – Citrus Smell

A green solvent based heavy duty degreaser used for heavy grease and oil cleaning applications. It contains various surfactants to allow deeper penetration into heavily soiled applications. Suitable for cleaning engine parts, chains, bearings, engines and is best if used in dip tank applications. Has an optimum level of wetting agents to enable it to penetrate porous surfaces and be effective, yet still rinse off easily.

Contains citrus additives, which provide low fumes and makes it much more friendly to work with. All finished cleaning applications should be rinsed with water and left to dry for few minutes. If cleaned and dried properly, there will be no oily residue left on any metal parts.

All Duties: 100% / NEAT / UNDILUTED / do not add water