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Fuchs SYN MC SAE 10W-40

Fuchs SYN MC SAE 10W-40

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Super High Performance, fuel-economy oil for a variety of gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars. Good cold starting and lower oil consumption.

TITAN SYN MC SAE 10W-40 is an advanced, SAE 10W-40 all-season, fuel economy engine oil specially formulated for gasoline and diesel engines independently of normally aspirated or turbo-charged in passenger car and van application. Universal application was a high priority in the development of this oil. The modern concept of TITAN SYN MC SAE 10W-40 offers high functionality.

Specifications: ACEA A3/B4, API SL/CF

Approvals: MB-APROVAL 229.1

Recommendations: BMW SPECIAL, FIAT 9.55535-D2/G2, VW 500 00/505 00



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